5 tips to help you make reading books a habit


Books are our best friends and we all are aware of the remarkable benefits of reading books which include acquisition of knowledge regarding different aspects of life, enrichment of vocabulary, memory improvement and having books as a faithful companion in leisure hours as a great source of entertainment.

However, an unwanted conflict appears quite often when people find it hard to manage reading books. Here are 7 easy ways that can help you make the habit of reading books a part of your daily life.

Cut on distractions

While reading books, make sure your television or any other electronic device that can sidetrack you is turned off. The phone should be kept on silent mode and all sorts of distractions need to be taken care of so that constant noises of any kind cannot make you lose your interest while reading and you can succeed in saving time.

Maintain a list

Whenever a friend or anyone else recommends a book to you; note that down either in your notebook or in your phone immediately instead of assuming that you will remember the name later. Maintaining a list like this will enable you to save time while deciding which book you would like to read next since you already have helpful suggestions.

You can even take notes on which books you liked with your critical comments and the aspects that fascinated you so that you can get a clearer picture of the genre or writers of your liking. This will help you gain a better understanding of your preferences for choosing books to read.

Discussion always helps

Only randomly reading books is not ideal; rather discussing and reflecting on different aspects of the books is essential so that you can associate yourself with the essence of the books. You can learn details about the background, the perspective of the writer or the themes with the help of different websites or apps like Litcharts which offers you access to analyses of thousands of books.

Keep your comfort in mind

Forcing yourself to read books that you do not enjoy will only make the scenario worse. You should always reach for books that ensure the utmost fulfilment of your soul; be it through reading either fictional or non-fictional books.

The same goes for the process of selecting any particular place or an environment according to your preference. You can even choose to listen to audiobooks available on YouTube or Audible instead of reading if you find that more efficient and also you can take necessary notes while reading if that provides sufficient comfort to you.

Stay determined and motivated

You can take the help of different habit tracking apps such as Habit Tracker, Habit Hub or Loop to track your progress. These can help you form a habit of reading through a conscious process and reach your goal of reading more books.

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