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NGO Name  DASCOH Foundation
Type  NGO

Lutheran Mission Complex Dingadoba, Rajpara, Rajshahi-6201, Bangladesh

Official Website  https://dascoh.org/

 DASCOH Foundation Job Circular

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DASCOH Foundation Job Circular has been published. This job-related information will find my website that name is Janteci.com. It’s a golden opportunity for all unemployed people who want this job category. DASCOH Foundation is one of the major companies in Bangladesh. NGO wants to its mission to improve the quality of product Which the supply. This job notice is an interesting job because most people say that the marketing profession is the main key to success. If you want to apply for this job, you should submit your application within the Specific Deadline.

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DASCOH Foundation is a national and non-profit development organization operating in Bangladesh since 1995. It has its central office in Rajshahi, project-based offices in Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabgong, Naogoan, Bogura, Noakhali, and national outreach office at Dhaka. DASCOH is implementing a number of projects covering 5.9 million people focusing on ten main priorities i.e. i) Health Care, ii) Water Sanitation and Hygiene, iii) Disaster Management, iv) Local Governance v) Climate Change Adaptation vi) Sustainable Agriculture, vii) Quality Education, viii) Women and girls’ Rights Protection ix) Integrated Water Resource Management and X) Community Development.

Development Association for Self-reliance, Communication, and Health (DASCOH) is a non-government and non-profitable organization. Utilizing local knowledge of the people at grass root and also available resources at the local level. DASCOH has put forward an alternative participatory development process. It has developed a trend workforce who has professional learning as well as the capacity of being flexible in decision making. DASCOH is using a coaching method to develop human capital and thus helping to develop the capacity of local government institutions, which is reflected in the project planning and management with local government, private sector, donors, and the community.

Currently, it operates five projects, the Sustainable Solution for the delivery of Safe Drinking Water (SDSD Phase-V), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion for the Vulnerable Barind Tract Communities in Naogaon District (Shortly WASH in Barind Tract), Public Health Improvement Initiative Rajshahi Project (PHIR), SETU Chapai Nawabganj HLP District Hub, Support to implement Hygiene, Sanitation and Water supply (HYSAWA) project along with Capacity Enhancement of Local Government Institutions and Partner organizations.

With financial support from the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and HYSAWA Fund Office, DASCOH has been operating projects in the water and sanitation sector (WatSan) in hard to reach (H2R) areas but service to the extremely poor population that includes; Waterpoint installation (TW, DW); Water quality testing; Construction of hygienic latrines; Hygiene promotion through community-based courtyard session, School brigade and Folk theatre; Capacity enhancement of the community to demand services; Capacity enhancement of the LGIs for transparent delivery of services, etc and in the health sector to revitalize the Community Clinic in ensuring primary health care services to the rural poor. While World Bank Bangladesh has supported SETU the HLP Chapai Nawabgonj District hub under the Horizontal Learning Program (HLP) a program leading by the local government where the member of the platform take initiative to find their good practices and share those among them, embers with their own initiative. The ultimate goal of all projects is to improve the “Local Governance” of the LGIs.

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