On the site of the bookmaker’s office 1xBet it is possible to make bets in Live mode. How to do it, we will tell in this article.


1xbet-depozit 1321xbet Live betting is one of the popular ways to spend your time with excitement. Watching any sporting event can be made more interesting by betting on its outcome. It is clear that you can bet on the outcome in advance, but what to do if you want to bet, but the game has already started? That is what the 1xbet live mode is for.

1xbet is banned in some countries, and links to the 1xbet website are blocked. Players, however, are not forbidden to look for a working mirror 1xbet or use other workarounds to play with this bookmaker. We, in turn, advise to use legal bookmakers, with whom your money is protected by law.

1xbet rules

In order not to make a mistake with placing a bet on 1xbet , it is worth referring to the rules of the company. Many beginners neglect the rules of bookmakers, whereas most of the questions on placing bets, working with the account, restrictions and exceptions can be found there. Therefore, before you start working with the site of the bookmaker’s office (preferably before registration), read those sections of the rules that you need to start playing.

Live betting 1xbet

After registering and depositing with 1xbet, you will have access to all the betting options. First you need to determine whether you are going to bet in “Line” (betting on predefined events BEFORE they start) or in “Live” (betting on events that have already started online). The difference between the two modes is obvious: in Line or Prematch you are guided by statistics, the current form of teams or your own gut feeling and knowledge. In the live mode, you are guided by how events are developing in the match. The ideal option is to watch the event (live or live broadcast) and bet in 1xbet Live Mode at the same time.

The main difference between playing in live and in line is that the adjustment of the spread is instant – the bookmaker is the same player during the event and tries to adjust the odds with what is happening. Your task is to get ahead of him or correctly predict the outcome. This is what distinguishes online sports betting from betting on the bookmaker’s line before the event. The excitement grows as the events on the sports field unfold.

Online broadcasts 1xbet

Some bookmaker’s offices conduct live broadcasts of events, which are available to users after registration. This is done so that the player could navigate in the live and could make a more accurate prediction on a particular outcome. However, 1xbet does not conduct video broadcasts, but replaces them with interactive ones. What does this mean? The players on the field and the movement of the ball are displayed exactly as it happens in reality on a computer chart. With it you can follow important indicators – attack vector changes, possession transitions, pitches and outs, corner kicks and putouts.

Just like for the line, the spreads, a set of events in one slip, are just as good for live betting. All you need to do is to choose a set of events, which are at the same time and are open for betting.

Rules and features of 1xBet in-play

1xbet live 132At 1xBet, the in-play section is next to “Line”. The main difference between in-play and line betting is the timing of the bet. In live, you do it during the game, in pre-match – even before the start.

Advantages of live betting at 1xbet:

– The bookmaker’s office offers a quick calculation.

– The probability of the bookmaker’s mistake is higher, because he changes the odds live. The human factor has not been canceled.

Disadvantages of the live section:

  • – The odds are noticeably lower.
  • – The bookmaker offers live betting not for all events.

More about betting during the match – in our special material.

How to bet in Live?

It is possible to play in Live using a computer, mobile applications 1xbet and the official site of the bookmaker’s office from a smartphone.

  1. Go to the live section
  2. Select an event.
  3. Click on the odds
  4. Enter the bet amount and click “Bet”.

Types of lines and bets on 1xBet live

Live betting-132Bookmaker office provides live betting on major sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, cybersports, casino 1xbet, table tennis, handball, cricket, etc. Much depends on the time of day, year and seasonality of a particular discipline.

Bookmaker office provides an opportunity to bet not only on the leading tournaments and championships, but also on tournaments in Morocco, Africa, Asia and the lower leagues of England. The range is not limited to the top matches.

Types of bets:

– Express – you choose several games, combine them into one coupon, and the odds are multiplied. The main disadvantage – if one event fails, all bets are lost.

  • Ordinary – normal single bet.
  • System is not for beginners.
  • Advance Bet.

What types of bets are available at 1xBet and how not to get confused in them?

The difference and advantage of the bookmaker’s office from the standard sweepstakes in their loyalty to the players. So, the participant can choose bets according to his taste, discretion and the availability of funds. The main thing is that such betting is available on the site. What kinds of bets can be made on

Where to find the listing of bets?

The excitement of the game can be extinguished while you try in vain to remember what is the name of not one bet, but several, and not on the winning of any team, but on the resulting points?

You don’t have to make it up and get confused. All types of Live betting are spelled out in 1xbet rules. From the main page of the bookmaker’s office go to the rules section and carefully read (who needs to – writes down) the list in paragraph 4.

In a nutshell, 1xbet has ordinaries, multi bets, a chain and a system. In addition, in some sports (individual) there is betting on the winner in particular and on winning in general. And then there is betting on sweepstakes, casino, match of the day, 1xGames, cryptocurrency exchange and so on.

Types of sports Live betting

Types of bets have already been described. And now about how to bet on 1xbet and assume winning or losing, which is undesirable.

  • Everything is clear here. One event – or nothing.
  • All positions in the bet slip must be guessed.
  • A condition is that all outcomes must be guessed by the participant. If the single or express wins, to the sum of the net profit add the stake, which is a constituent part of the Stayer. And so on. Expresses can be added to the order. At any time, you can withdraw the bet amount and stay with your bets. If the next outcome is not guessed, the Parlay is forfeited. The condition for winning is that the winning amount is 20 times the amount of the original bet.
  • Multi bets. If a multi-bet is without Lobby, the number of events in the bet slip is 3 or more. The winnings are calculated according to the “System” bet type. Winning by Lobby and one order = winning by “System”. If there is a Lobby, a loss by it means a loss in total. Losing a Betting System also means losing on the Coupon as a whole. If both Lobby and several bets from the system win, the winning is equal to the product of Lobby odds and odds of winning blocks in the system. If all outcomes are guessed, the winning is equal to the product of the Lobby odds by the sum of the odds of the whole system and one block.
  • The profit on the first order is considered a bet on the second order and so on. If it reaches zero at some stage, the chain ends, the player loses. Otherwise, the remainder of the chain is the winnings.
  • Conditional bet. The amount of the next bet can not be higher than the profit on the previous one. Do you want maximum? So write – the first in numbers, the second and/or subsequent “maximum”. Losing on one of the stages means losing as a whole.
  • The condition is that at least one of the blocks must play in the plus.
  • Anti-Express. Victory is counted if the participant has not guessed the outcome.
  • Advance bet on sports at 1xbet. Calculated according to the rules of the single or express in Live, when the events must occur in the next 48 hours.
  • The condition is the victory of at least one block, that is, a minimum of two events.

Now the information is more comprehensive. Don’t get confused. And play and win at the 1xbet bookmaker’s office.

Distinctive features of each type of Live betting at 1xBet

Rate type Individual sign
Odinar One event, one-to-one calculation
Express Bet of 2+ events, losing one leads to losing the coupon
System A set of parlays, the winnings for each are summed up, and losses of individual events are possible
Chain In a multi-event bet, failing the first market, or losing the entire amount before the end event occurs will result in the loss of the bet
Multibet 3+ events in the coupon, calculation according to the principle of the system
Lucky Winning is possible when passing at least one block
Patent Minimum 2 passing events to win
Antiexpress It is necessary not to guess the selected events in the coupon
Advance rate Rate on borrowed funds in the presence of unsettled bets
Conditional rate The amount of the next bet cannot be higher in profit than the previous one
Stayer Winning is possible when passing a bet with a total coefficient of 20+


Bookmaker 1xBet offers players a choice of 4 Live betting formats – single, express, system, and chain. In addition to conventional sports betting, it is possible to participate in sweepstakes and bet in casinos and games 1xGames.

Advance betting is available on the 1xBet service – players can bet in debt if there are uncalculated bets. Players also have access to additional types of betting – anti-express, lacs, and patent.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conditional stake in 1xbet?

A conditional bet is a bet consisting of a set of expresses or singles which are independent of each other.

What are alternative matches?

These are ordinary friendly matches in soccer, hockey, basketball, and other sports. Such matches do not have any tournament significance.

How to cancel the bet?

It is impossible to cancel the bet, but it is possible to sell.

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